Shhh…Your Life Is Speaking! Don’t Interrupt!

IMG_5620I don’t write to get published. I don’t shoot for approval. I am only compelled to notice the world around me, to create and to invite others to join in on the fun!

God gave us creative desires and freedoms to wonder and express ourselves.  We all have something to say, even if we’re not sure how to get it out.


In my own life, taking photos and writing are demonstrations of that gracious freedom I’ve been given. It’s totally fine not to have all the answers, the perfect lighting or the most intellectual words to type on my computer.

I just do…

Sometimes I like to take a step away from the portraits and events to take a closer look at the mundane and unusual. The use of repetition is a nice way to get a fresh look on the things around you.

The use of repetition is a clever and challenging task.  When used creatively, it can be a beautiful way to express attitude, personality and emotion. The use of repeating lines, shapes, colors and contrasts bring any object to life.

Repetition is everywhere you go: your patio, kitchen, at the store and even blue straws at a baby shower (I got a few crazy looks on that one)!

IMG_8441Repetition in daily life can be draining, but capturing patterns with a camera forms new levels of outlook. It’s an instant composition that can say a lot about your subject and grab the attention of your audience.

However, awareness comes with practice! You have to get out there and actually shoot!

Repetition alone is a beautiful thing, but join it with contrast, movement and proportion: the once ordinary becomes fresh and exciting.


Repetition helps your eyes know where to look – leading your eyes around the frame. Even if the subject seems simple, repeating lines and patterns make it appear complex.

Identifying patterns in our own creative lives will help us better understand our vocational callings.

These callings are not necessarily callings of super success and money, but God callings (those are so much more fun!)


Now… I have a PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE for you!

Get out there, go shoot! Take a break and see your environment like you never have before. Try to take 5 photos using repetition! Share your photos with us on social media!

Let’s see what you’ve got. GO!

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