Confessions of a Pictureholic

It’s a beautiful “sickness…”10153746_10153484823572664_4134770298588507768_n

A craft in which I am fascinated…

A constant desire to learn more…

My first instinct…

The sound a shutter makes…a beautiful portrait…meeting new people…all apart of this thing we call photography.

IMG_6101_1The love I have for this craft has been intensely growing since I was 11 years old.

From digital to film, I love it all. I took a film photography class in high school and fell in love with creating images. There’s something about being in the darkroom, in control of the image’s end result. Amazing.

IMG_6170_1Even being out and about, no DSLR in hand, my IPhone 6 is always ready to work for me. It’s my personal sidekick. Carnivals, nature walks with my husband, there is beauty to be captured every where you go.

My family may fuss at me because of my persistence to get family photos every time we’re together, but they’ll thank me later.

IMG_5042I want to capture the moments we’re together. It won’t always be as easy to see each other.

People ask me all the time, “Do you actually get to enjoy moments when your behind a camera?” It’s like they’re saying, “Do you actually stop and smell the roses instead of just photographing them?”

My answer to that awesome question would be yes

Photography is extra special in my mind because not only do you get to smell the roses, but you’ll have a photo to remind you of how awesome those roses smelled and the people you were with.

IMG_7528You get to hone in on all the senses and explore the artist within you.

Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Sound.

I love looking back and remembering. Photos are important. They tell us what is important to us. I have a constant desire to preserve these special moments.

IMG_8223Photographs matter because they freeze moments in time that may seem insignificant.  The significance; however, may be for those who are searching for remembrance of a specific time or person.

But photos are more than just simple records. They are ways to communicate with audiences. Our photos can involve the strangers in our lives and create a unique platform for real conversations and relationships.

It’s a complex language that a lot of people speak. When words are impossible, photos are possible. Photography is a powerful form of movement, using emotions as a universal tool to go forward.


If you don’t think photos are special, wait until they’re all you have left.

These are my confessions…

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