From H to T

Congratulations, you have hired the photographer, your session date is scheduled and you are now patiently awaiting your photoshoot.

You’ve almost got everything together and…BOOM…You forgot pick out your outfit for pictures. You may even have outfits to pick out for a significant other or little ones. Ahhh!

So instead of scrambling around and putting “blah” outfits together, let me see if I can help. I have put together a few color ideas to help solve the, “What do I wear” problem.colors for blog (white or cream)

White and cream are great colors for engagement shoots. They are great, neutral colors for men to match!

I just happen to love the faded denim, blue or gray as a complimentary outfit.

In fact, here’s a photo from our engagement shoot that we shot ourselves!

Bathon/Ellis Engagement
Bathon/Ellis Engagement

If you are in the mood for blue, you’ll have great color combination opportunities! Blue seems to be the most versatile color for family photos!

You can use all different shades of blue; light blue, sapphire, navy! Put all of these colors together and you’ve got a great shot!

In order for photos to be balanced, it’s best to pick out just a few people in your family to wear the dominant color and then mix in patterns or neutrals.

Blues are great for beach family photos too!

Feeling, fun and spunky? Try a red photoshoot!

If you and your family have Christmas cards on the mind or you’re just feeling spunky, try a red photoshoot!

Red is classic. It’s energizing. It’s a warm, positive color that gives off confidence.

The color red is the longest wavelength in the spectrum, so it’s a very powerful color. It grabs our attention first.

Add a few pops of navy or neutrals and you’re set!

colors for blog (black)

This next color is one of my favorites to wear. Black is a sophisticated color. I love wearing black on a day-to-day basis because I can mix different colors with it.

Black works particularly well with white and all neutrals.

One tip I like to give out to clients is that if you plan on hanging pictures up in your livingroom or other areas of your home, why not try matching your outfits to your home decor? It’s a simple tip that can help people decorate their homes as well as coordinate their outfits.

Sometimes you just have to make it easy.

Black and neutral colors are great to use in photoshoots if you’re wanting to match your home decor. For example, our livingroom walls are a light blue, with black furniture and pops of yellow throughout.

If I wanted to use photos to match in my home, I would want my family to wear black with a few pops of blue and a touch of yellow. These colors would be very soothing to the eye and would complete our space.colors for blog (orange or yellow)

Orange and yellow are great color options for our current season, fall.

These are often forgotten colors, but look great against the changing leaves this time of year. I love the different shades these colors offer.

I am especially a fan of mustard and burnt orange this year. They are becoming popular fall colors along with forest green.

Even in summer time, coral and peach colors are very popular. You can even cross categories and put coral, navy and neutrals together for an appealing photo session.

What’s great about these color combinations is that you can mix and match them for any season or shoot you want.

Even with these color ideas available, let your creative juices flow! It’s YOUR photoshoot and YOUR family. Make it natural and fun for YOU! Let these color combinations be a guide in making your photoshoot perfect for you and your personalities!

Now that you have the tools to pick out perfect outfits, call me and we’ll put those outfits to good use!





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