Love abundantly pursues – driven by compassion, persistence and patience – encapsulated in grace. Love reaches out. Love is freeing.

A love like this, you say, is of myths.

A love like this is hard to believe. Receive it.

Witness the Lamb – slaughtered and risen. Yes, so much love.

Perfect life – placed in sin – died a death of my ownership.

So I can live, so I can write, so I can lead my whole life to Him.

That’s love, y’all. The unworthy, approaching the Perfect Presence because of His blood…

In the midst of tears, injustice, unfairness and corruption, He loves.

Suffered on our behalf, complete obedience, reigning…

Challenging prejudice, showing compassion, including the excluded…

I want to love like that.

Protesting the inequality of lepers, challenging rejection and behavior…

I want to be like Him.

Walking with the outcast, encouraging the suffering, rejoicing the good news…

I want to love like that.

Praying without ceasing, a grace like no other…

I want to be like Him.

His love doesn’t reject because of race, illness, intelligence or status.

I want to love like that.

His love doesn’t smother, fade or leave us alone. Forever pursued.

He brings hope, authentic relationship, life and a listening ear.

Not alone.

Lord, would you send belief – grace that squashes out guilt – no condemnation.

Like a rock. I’m grateful.

Acceptance and love that sets us free.

Broke our chains.

The world battles for my heart, but I claim Your victory.

A mighty seamstress, mending my life with your love.

Yes, Lord, thank you for your abundant love.

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